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100 Days of Code With HERE

An amazing way to learn a new skill is to learn a little bit of it , every day. I want you to get acquainted with location technology through HERE map APIs by launching 100 Days Of Code with HERE.

In this GitHub repository, I have compiled 100 tasks and their solutions. But doing them, you will learn a lot about maps and what you can do with the HERE map APIs.

Let me know about the cool applications you built with 100DaysOfCode with HERE.

Here's a glimpse of some of the tasks:

Day 3/100 : Load Map

  • define the center of the map with latitude and longitude

  • initialize VECTOR map with default layer, center of map and zoom level

Day 12/100 : Info-bubble

  • Display an info-bubble on tapping the marker

  • show the marker data as the info in the bubble.

Day 27/100 Discover places in a radius

  • Using the discover endpoint, search for markets in a 1km radius

Day 44/100 Routing : Timing is important

  • Set the departure time to 9 AM for the route

  • Set the departure time to 3 PM for the same route

  • Compare the difference between all received routes

Day 62/100 Routing : Isoline Distance

  • Get an isoline route from the center from day 61

  • Make the radius of this isoline 10 km.

Day 78/100 Cost of Fuel

  • For the energy cost calculated on day 77, specify the fuel type

  • Specify your local fuel price per unit

Day 81/100 EV Routing with charging

  • Get a route between two cities for your EV using the fleet telematics API

  • Ask for stopovers to charge your vehicle by mentioning Battery Parameters

Day 94/100 Transit API - Stations 🚉 🚏

  • List all public transit stations near the Tower of London

Enjoy the next 100 Days!

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