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Advanced Map Data Sets - What? Why? Where?

When you use a mobility app like HERE WeGo for your daily commute, you can see that everyday points-of-interest like public transport stations, hospitals, schools, parks, etc. are highlighted on the map. This makes the map convenient for everyday use. But when you use maps for specific use cases like logistics, you want to see more relevant information on the map. This is one of the many use-cases where Advanced Map Layers and Data Sets can add value to your application.

The Advanced Data Sets API gives you access to a hidden chest of map layers and data sets which are a part of the rich HERE map data. This data is available in the form of attributes. These attributes can be names of EV charging stations, the text displayed on road signs, the curvature of the road, and much more. The way this data is arranged is as follows:

  • There are attributes in the form of key: value pairs

  • These attributes are grouped in the form of Layers

A call to the fleet telematics layer end point will list all layers currently available under the advanced data set.


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