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Business Automation with EMnify and Integromat

Updated: May 13, 2021

Low-code/ No-code integrations are a life saver when you want to automate your business processes. Integromat is one such platform which can help you take direct actions on important data coming from your IoT devices. With the EMnify Multi Cloud Data Streamer, you can stream connectivity events, usage data and more from your EMnify connected devices and create automations with it using Integromat.


  • A device with a cellular modem and EMnify SIM card

  • An Integromat account


  • Connectivity metadata available into Integromat to unify all IoT operations dashboards in one place

  • Easy low-code integration

  • Set up triggers on receiving events or usage data from your SIM

  • One-time set up needed for multiple processes

  • Processing handled on the Integromat platform. No processing required at your server.

  • Can take actions like sending email or triggering API calls or DB queries etc. on events like device disconnected

  • Provides a one stop solution to monitor your IoT devices for preemptive maintenance, everyday operations or breakdown

Use Case

When you have a device with an EMnify SIM sending data, you can set the amount of data a particular device can consume in a month. You can set this limit from the EMnify portal for security reasons or from a data consumption point of view. Once this data limit is reached, the SIM will still try to connect to the network and create a PDP context but will fail to do so. It will send an event in this case stating why it isn't able to connect. We then use this event to trigger an email using Integromat to take further actions.

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