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Custom Locations with the HERE Fleet Telematics APIs

Updated: May 13, 2021

Businesses often rent warehouses for temporary use. They may also have private offices and locations which they want to see only on their map. In this post we are going to find out how to do exactly that. After discussing Truck routing in the previous blog, let us explore the Custom Location API, one of the HERE Fleet Telematics APIs.

What are custom locations ?

Any locations that you want visible only on your private edition of the map, can be a custom location. These locations can be in the form of points- exact location of a place, polyline- a private road or polygons- shape of an area like a parking lot. In this example, I am considering exact locations of warehouses (Points) that your trucks will be delivering goods to.

In Part I of this post, lets discuss how to add, append, delete and update custom locations to your map.

In Part II we will explore searching and routing to these locations within a fixed radius, within a bounding box, and along an isoline.

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