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Custom Routes with HERE Fleet Telematics API

Logistics needs Last Mile services. For heavy goods, it is necessary that the delivery vehicle drops/ collects the goods from the unloading/loading docks to reduce manual effort, time and increase efficiency. Custom Routes can help guide delivery vehicles to the doors even in private locations.

Consider an example where a truck needs to deliver food for animals at Berlin's Tierpark. A regular routing service will route the truck to the main gate. From here, the truck has to either be escorted by an employee or an internal truck completes the last mile delivery. Instead, we can create a custom route through a back door which will allow the truck to directly deliver the fodder at the unloading dock. This saves a lot of time and inconvenience and achieves a much more efficient last mile delivery without disrupting regular activities.

Image of a route taken by the driver without a custom route
Route travelled without a custom route

Lets add a custom route from the gate to the loading dock which will show up only on your map.

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