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Isoline Routing With HERE Isoline API v8

The Isoline endpoint is now its own API and I can't wait to talk about it. In this post, I will take you through the brand-new feature packed HERE Isoline API v8. I will cover the features common with the isoline endpoint in Routing v7 API and talk about additional features in this one. Let's begin!

The HERE Isoline API v8 is an answer to the question- 'How far can I reach in X minutes?' or 'Where can I reach by driving/walking for Y meters?'. And this API happens to be available under the freemium plan. Some of the use-cases when you would ask these questions are:

  • I am looking for a house which has a grocery store within 10 minutes of walking distance.

  • I am looking for schools that are a maximum of 5Km driving distance from my house.

  • I am a restaurant that needs to deliver pizzas within 30 minutes and thus need to define my delivery radius.

Now you may wonder for case no 2, we can just draw a circle of 5km radius on the map and all the places within it are reachable, right? Absolutely not! If you get a route from the center of this circle to a place along the circumference, the distance can often be more than 5km. If you don't believe me, why don't you check out this example. Now that you're with me, let's take a look at how the HERE Isoline API v8 can help you with this. Consider the third use case - I need to find all the places that I can drive to in 30 minutes.

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